Lifts for people with mobility impairments


Lifts for people with mobility challenges


Ekodarna manufactures lifts for people with mobility challenges, who can move only when in a wheelchair. This is how we contribute to the social integration of the disabled.  Our lifts and elevators have been installed in public institutions, private family houses and many-apartment buildings all over the country. Such lifts provide a possibility to move independently, the disabled need less assistance from other people. Why lifts? Very often, a lift or an elevator is the only environment safe type of equipment that may be installed in the building or structure regarding the dimensions and height of the ramp to be built.

Also, we may help to create and install a lift or platform lift for commercial or other purposes.

We take every effort for our products to be of highest quality, affordable and in harmony with the environment. The name of our company – EKODARNA – reflects our major aims.: economic, social and territorial cohesion!

Ekodarna: From an Idea to its Implementation

Manufacturing of a lift

A lift can be compared to an elevator, but the first one is less complicated and has less capacity. Lifts are designed to transport only one person, while elevators are designed to transport a person, their wheelchair, medical supplies, or groceries within a single trip. It takes about three month to manufacture and install of a lift. The time actually depends on the lift type. Lifts have mechanical and electronic components, and electronic components are usually ordered in EU countries, while the design, manufacturing of mechanical parts and their application are performed at Ekodarna, by competent specialists.

Lift operation and maintenance

A manufactured and installed lift is offered a 12-month guarantee. Ekodarna provides maintenance for the installed  lifts. The maintenance fee depends on the lift type, its maintenance and servicing. Regular maintenance and servicing guarantee reliable  and safe operation – all lifts have installed locks preventing a free fall, and an additional brake system. In case of a blackout, an emergency button for lowering the lift is activated. Also, there is no need to worry about the lift to be of a problem to your neighbors or colleagues – our lifts operate very quietly and will not cause any inconveniences to the neighbors or other people nearby.

We are proud that lifts designed and manufactured by Ekodarna experts have been in operation for more than 15 years. It confirms the quality and durability of our products.